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Spread the word! Leadership in Sustainability premiers the new ‘CEOs on Sustainability’ video

Posted by Camilla Oelman on 31-Oct-2014 13:01:00


Yesterday evening over 100 businesses gathered in Arlington Conference Centre, Camden to consider the need for leadership in sustainability.

The speakers gave lively and thought provoking talks, encouraging guests to get involved in sustainability and what is more, to think about the environment on a wider scale, completely threading sustainability through each business.

The message came across loud and clear; now is time to start, improve or upscale business sustainability efforts and do this for two reasons. The first is to save money and carbon; businesses certified by The Planet Mark save an average of 5% on both these factors annually. The second, to do this because it is your responsibility as a citizen.

The Planet Mark video ‘CEOs on Sustainability’ was screened for the first time, including key voices from the business world including Adam Elman, Marks and Spencer, Jason Cotterell, Exterion Media, Sue Walter, The Hospital Club and John Glover, Bywaters.


Watch and share the video now! Why not spread the word on sustainability and host this video on your website as well? If you would like to do this please get in touch with Camilla (

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